Cutting Rainbow Lattice Sunstone with Steve Hompot

Lapidary is the art and science of cutting gemstones.

A Rainbow Lattice Sunstone cut by Steve Hompot has sold for $1000 at a recent Bonhham’s Auction.

Rainbow Lattice Sunstone is an extremely rare form of gem orthoclase feldspar displaying aventurescence and adularescence due to the oriented inclusions of ilmenite and hematite.

Occurring in a very limited area of Hart’s Range, Northern Territory Australia, in a claim only 300 x 300 m wide that was commercially worked out in the 1980’s, it seems unlikely that this material will ever be seen again in any volume.

Cutting Rainbow Lattice Sunstone
Cutting Rainbow Lattice Sunstone rough

This turns into..

rainbow lattice sunstone5


Crystal World produces limited quantities of finished Rainbow Lattice Sunstone bespoke gems.

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