Cutting Chrysoprase with Steve Hompot

Cutting Chrysoprase

Master Cutter Steve Hompot is working on fine quality Chrysoprase at present.

Chrysoprase rough
Lapidary gems Chrysoprase

Here are some of the finished stones:

chrysoprase cabochon
Chrysoprase cabochon

Chrysoprase is produced in many countries. Historically Silesia was an important mining district under royal patronage. This source was active in medieval times and some of its gems were used to make jewelry for kings, most notably King Frederick II of Prussia. King Frederick discovered a vein of chrysoprase there that was said to be three miles long!

The mines of Silesia are now worked out.  Australia produces fine gem quality Chrysoprase from Marlborough Queensland, and several locations in Western Australia. Chrysoprase is a chalcedony with the lovely green colour coming from nickel compounds. In the King James Bible, book of Revelation, God has informed us that He intends to use Chrysoprase as a foundation in the New Jerusalem, so that says a lot about the qualities of this material.

Chrysoprase is ideal for setting in high karat gold, the colour combination is unbeatable.

Contact us at once if interested in this, it is fine gem quality and there is very little of it. It will not last long on the market.

gem chrysoprase
gem chrysoprase
gem chrysoprase

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