Tom’s Travels – Fossil Updates

Andrew and I are preparing a large fossil Diplomystus fish from Wyoming USA. Andrew is micro abrading with a sand blaster, I’m removing the bulk rock with an micro jack hammer, to just above the body of the fish for Andrew to do the detail cleaning at Crystal World .

fish fossil

Fossil safari
You can dig your own fossils from the famous Green River formation in USA

There are an abundance of fossil fish in the “Green River Formation.” Most people find enough fish to satisfy their appetite in the first two hours.  It is our experience that the effort one puts into splitting the rock down into its smallest size is what will give you the greatest potential to finding numerous quantities of fossil fish! You are allowed to keep ALL of the common fish you find, regardless of their size! This Includes: Knightia, Diplomystus, Phareodus, Mioplosus, Amphiplaga, and Priscacara!

Click here to see common fish fossil samples.

eromanga dinosaur museum

Dinosaur museum opens in Eromanga, outback Queensland , audio from ABC Radio Queensland.

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