Tom’s Travels – Zigong, China

It was a long day.

My presentation was titled “How to make a dinosaur museum fun and profitable”. It was well received with my greeting to the group in Mandarin. My interpreter Qiao Qiao translated the rest for me.

Lunch with the Mayor, discussions with the Zigong Dinosaur Museum, and a meeting with an Animatronic Dinosaur manufacturer regarding improving Dinosaur design and construction materials.

Following a 3 hour drive to visit the Tianyan Dinosaur Museum in Chengdu, before my 1:50 am return flight to Melbourne.

Made lots of new friends and had an amazing time here in Zigong. Looking forward to my return visit where I plan to see the ancient Gingko Trees (on my bucket list) located to the south and time permitting visit the Giant Pandas.

– Tom Kapitany

自贡 – 中国



我的演讲题目是“如何让恐龙博物馆变得有趣和有利可图”。 我用普通话向小组致意,这很受欢迎。 我的翻译乔乔为我翻译了剩下的部分。



结交了很多新朋友,在自贡度过了美好的时光。 期待我的回访,我打算在那里看到位于南方的古老的银杏树(在我的清单上),并且时间允许参观大熊猫。

– Tom Kapitany

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