Tom’s Travels – Global Stone Museum in China

The Global Stone Museum is nearly complete, with many fossils being prepared for display in the new galleries.

The official opening will still be a year away.
Shuitou Fujian Prov, China.



I had two meetings today at the Behring headquarters in Shanghai.

Discussing marketing as well as how to introduce Global Natural History Day to Australian students.

They will invite 12 students from Australia to participate in the competition and activities in Shanghai for 10 days in July next year.

I have created a Facebook page about this event and I will update it with information and videos in the next two weeks. We had Chinese Hot Pot for lunch.




我创建了一个关于此活动的Facebook页面,我将在接下来的两周内通过信息和视频对其进行更新。 午饭吃了中国火锅。

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