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Crystal World – fossils, crystals, minerals, meteorites and jewellery

Welcome to Crystal World

  We are by far Australia’s largest retail and wholesale suppliers of minerals and fossils catering to everyone’s needs: from the hobbyist to the most avid collector including museums, from scientific specimens to beautiful decorator specimens from around the world. We also supply educational material for school classes. Our retail store encompasses approx. 1 acre of natural history collectibles on display and for sale (see brochure). It has been operating for 13 years and is a major tourist attraction. On the other hand our wholesale and retail warehouse (approx. 11,000 square feet) is relatively new and has been operating since 1999. We are currently expanding into areas of mining and hold a number of mining and exploration leases. Initially the leases were to obtain carving rough, but now we are concentrating on leases that will produce fine mineral and fossil specimens. We have supplied specimens to many Australian and overseas museums for example the Australian museum, the various Australian State museums as well as the French museum. We have also supplied specimens to private collectors around the world. . We attend all of the major overseas shows: · Tokyo · Tucson · Denver · Munich · St. Marie aux Mines  

Our Products and Services

  We specialize in Australian minerals, fossils and meteorites and we also provide quality overseas specimens. All our material is exported with permits where applicable. Our products include: Fossils – dinosaurs, fish, mammals, sharks, reptiles, ammonites, arachnids, echinoderms, crustaceans, insects, plants, trilobites, amber, opalised fossils, and more. Metaphysical – generators, wands, vogel’s, spheres, obelisks, pyramids, tumbled/rough stones, eggs, geodes. Gifts and collectors items – gem trees, mineral/fossil slices, mineral carvings, mounted insects, mineral candle holders. Natural Minerals (too many to list). Meteorites – stoney iron, iron, stone, tektites. Books – metaphysical, fossil, meteorite and mineral.  
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