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The pyramid focuses energy through the apex in a tight beam and has been used to charge and preserve objects.

Channeler Vogels\double terminated Generator obelisk
wands octahedron pyramid miscellaneous shapes & facetts






Blue Agate, $80, 4cm x 5cm

Amethyst, amethyst, apporx. $55, 2.5cm x 3.5cm

Malachite, Large pyramids, $50 each, 4cm x 3.5cm
Small pyramids, $15 each, 1.5cm x 2cm

Rose Quartz

Pink Agate, $30, 5.5cm

Green Agate, $20, 5cm

Purple Agate, $20, 4.5cm

Blue Agate, $20, 5cm

Paua Shell, $50, 5cm x 7cm

Rose Quartz, $160 9cm x 7.5cm

Labradorite, $80, 4cm x 5cm

Obsidian wedged in jasper, $40, 4cm x 4cm


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