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Brand new replica range

Crafted from selected real specimens, this range has been created for museums and educational purposes

We have the ability to manufacture replicas to order at extremely competitive prices .


For most of us collectors on a budget the chance of owning a raptor claw or many other rare and unique specimens is but a dream, most in-fact remain only the property of museums or wealthy collectors which are often hidden in vaults or private collections, replicas are therefore extremely popular amongst collectors and teaching institutions. At Crystal World we make our own casts from some of the fine specimens we acquire. Many are sold to museums and schools throughout the world.

We also offer a service whereby we can replicate any fossil in small quantities.


Ammonite, Toxaceratiode, Cretaceous, Doncaster Formation, Walsh River, Queensland, Australia, 7cm x 6 cm, Item #: FR133

T-Rex skull Replica, available on order produced in USA

Carcharodontasaurus saharicus, Cretaceous, Baharija Formation, Taouz, Morocco, 12cm x 5cm, Price: $6.00, Item#: FR173

Carcharodontasaurus saharicus Tooth Magnet, Cretaceous, Baharija Formation, Taouz, Morocco, 7.5cm x 3cm, Price: $6.00, Item#: FR138

Keichousaurus hui, Middle Triassic, Xingyi, Guishou Province, China, 30cm x 13cm, Price: $45.00,Item#: FR104B

Velociraptor mongoliensis scale model, Cretaceous, Gobi Desert, Mongolia, 23cm x 9cm, Price: $80.00, Item#: FR182

Dactylioceras athleticum Magnet, Jurassic, Forcheim, Germany, 8cm x 5cm, Price: $6.00, Item#: FR137

Dickinsonia costata Magnet, Pre-Cambrian, Rawnsley Quartisite, Flinders Range, South Australia, 7.5cm x 5cm, Price: $6.00, Item#: FR143

Dicranurus monstrosus, Devonian, Megrane Formation, Oulmes, Morocco, 12cm x 10.5cm, Price: $30.00, Item#: FR193

Dicranurus monstrosus Magnet, Devonian, Megrane Formation, Oulmes, Morocco, 8.5cm x 6cm, Price: $6.00, Item#: FR

Elrathia kingii, Magnet, Middle Cambrian, Wheeler Shale, House Range, Millard Co, Utah, USA, 8.5cm x 5.5cm, Price: $6.00, Item#: FR141

Encope tamiamensis Magnet, Pilocene, Tamiami Formation, Charlotte co., Florida, USA, 8cm x 7cm, Price: $6.00, Item#: FR

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