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Mount Stichtite Mine

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Stichtite Hill is a mine owned By Mike and Elenor Phelan in conjunction with Tom Kapitany .

In 1998 after seeing some samples in Mike Phelans collection, Tom convinced Mike and Elenor to peg a mining licence over the area. He saw the potential of the green serpentine and the purple stichtite as a unique stone for carving. We now call this stone Atlantasite. We have had sphere eggs, tumbled stones and an array of animals carved from this stone.

The initial mine was dug by hand by Mike and Elanor and is no larger than a small room, 10 ft by 15 ft. Only a small percentage of the stone extracted is suitable for manufacturing, selected pieces are loaded into plastic drums cut in half and dragged down the hill by hand to be loaded into the vehicle. to be continued !!!


access track in

The mine

Mike and Elenor Phelan

Elenor Phelan



Stichtite with Serpentine

Rich Stichtite

Rich Stichtite

Ore Shoot



Loading the 4 WD


some of the products we produce

see Atlantasite pages




Gabrielle, Carol ,Mike and Elanor


Melody collecting Atlantasite

atlantasite heart

see Atlantasite pages



Carol with Wallaby


Melody collecting Atlantasite


Carol and Melody


Melody and the group



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Stichtite Mine Zeehan Tasmania

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