Ammonites2 – Old

Ammonites – Old



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Aghidir ammonite, $160, 19cm x 16cm


Sepic River PNG

10cm x 8.5cm $220 each, FM100 (pair)

Ammonite, 7.5cm x 6.5cm

Ammonite, 16.5cm x 15.5cm, $400

Ammonite , Placenticeras, Canada, 10cm squared, $540, FA850

Ammonite , Placenticeras , 14cm x 9cm $820, FA 850

Chelinoceras, sp., Late Cretaceous, Madagascar
3cm – 6.5 cm squared
$20 – $110, FA701

Goniatite, Middle Devonian,
Erfoud, Morocco 9cm x 7.5cm, $195

Perisphinctes, sp. Middle Jurassic, Tulcar, Madagascar, Madagascar Polis, 8.5cm x 7cm, $240 (each), FA700 (Comes in pair)

Madagascar Polis, 15.5cm x 13cm, $500 (each), FA700, (Comes in pair)

Madagascar Polis, 18.5cm x 15cm, $650 (each), FA700 (Comes in pair)

Perisphinctes, sp. Middle Jurassic, Tulcar, Madagascar,
3cm – 6cm (each),
$35 – $45 (pair), FA753

Australioceras jackii, Walsh River, $450 (pair), FA110, 20cm x 13cm (Pair)

Australioceras jackii, Walsh River, 6.5cm x 5cm, $120, FA110


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