Clonbinane Starfish268 – Old

Clonbinane Starfish

Don’t miss out on these three rare Australian Starfish specimens plus two species of bivalves and a crinoid all on one matrix!!

This specimen is double sided!!
Side 1: contains two starfish. One of them only partially visible. It also contains two species of bivalves (over 8 specimens).

Side 2: contains bivalves as well as one starfish specimen and one crinoid!!

Name: Clonbinane Starfish
Species: Salteraster/Petraster sp.
Age: Late Silurian
Formation: Clonbinane Sandstone
Locality: Clonbinane, Victoria Australia
Size: 4.5" x 4" approximately including matrix

Weight: 11.4oz

These starfish had no front or back and moved in all directions without turning. Rather than using muscles to move their hundreds of tiny legs, they used a complex hydraulic system to move around or cling to rocks. The intake valve for this system was located on the top of the Starfish, just off center. They were free living star-shaped echinoderms with a central disc and five radiating arms. They come from the subclass Asteroidea.



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