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Eggs Metaphysical


The egg shape can be used for reflexology, meditation, zone therapy, acupressure and shiastu. It can also be used to scan the aura of an individual and to releive any blockages.

Septarian Eggs

Utah USA

Calcite Eggs


Pietersite egg


Pietersite egg


Fibre optic, $40 each. 4cm x 3cm

Fibre optic eggs, $20, 3cm x 2cm

Malachite, Zaire Africa, $310, 7cm x 5.5cm


$40, 5cm x 4cm large
$10, 3cm x 2cm small

Rhondonite, $15, 5cm x 3.5cm

Rose Quartz,

$90 for large 4cm x 3cm
$15 for small 3cm x 2cm


Tiger Iron

Carnelian, $15, 5cm x 3.5cm




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