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Daves Prospect Eldorado Victoria

Owned By D Roberts , Pat Jordan, T Kapitany

Located in Central Nothern Victoria near Wangaratta, Eldorado was an old mining town. At the turn of the century, a rich source of alluvial tin was found along with a variety of semiprecious gems including Diamonds, Quartz, Smokey qtz, Amethyst and Citrine. David Roberts was a longtime propector looking for minerals specimens for his collection. Having scoured the hills and valleys for years finding and mining unique quartz specimens, he had never found a large deposit that produced many specimens……. to be continued….






Old Dregde Site

Tin dregde

Eldorado camp site



Dad ,Hugh , Pat

Pat Making out area

Putting in Corner peg



Tom the amethyst specimen


Hugh Carman

Pat Jordan and Tom


Tom and Pat examining a spec

Pat, Tom and Dave


Dave Roberts


Daves prospect Eldorado Victoria






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