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Take a peak at a huge opalised crinoid plate partially prepared (not for sale)


Crinoids 1

Crinoids 2

Crinoids 3

Encope tamiamiensis, Pilocene, Tamiami fmn, CharlotteCounty, Florida

Encope grandis, Pliocene, Baja California Mexico

Clypeopygus paultrei, Cretaceous Morocco

Lovenia forbessii , Australia, $6

Starfish, Clonbinane, Salteraster / petraster sp., Victoria Australia, Late Silurian, Clonbinane Sandstone ftm.

Seirocrinus subangularis, Permian, Holzemaden, Germany, 180 cm x 80 cm

close up

close up of calyx


13.3cm x 10cm, $320

Brittle Starfish, Ophiopsammus kelbeimensis, Hienheim, Solnhofen, Germany, Jurassic, 11.5cm x 8cm, $240

Millitella californicus, Pliocene, Baja Mexico

Clypeaster gippslandica, Victoria Australia, $10

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