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At Crystal World we specialise in obtaining rare and scientific specimens for research and museums , as well as many curious oddities or associations. These include trace fossils, plant and seed association, ammonites with operculums and deformities, pathalogical shark teeth as well as weird teeth, disarticulated megafauna bones, rare echinoids, gastropods, Opal bones, teeth, pine cones, rare Australia wood and leaves. In time we can obtain most items if they are legally obtainable.


Dinosaur Bone USA

Utah Cretaceous polished slice

Ammonite , Placenticeras , 14cm x 9cm $820, FA 850

Perisphinctes, sp. Middle Jurassic, Tulcar, Madagascar, Madagascar Polis, 8.5cm x 7cm, $240 (each), FA700 (Comes in pair)

Acantoceras sp, Mid Cretaceous, La Vigas , Mexico

Anagaudryceras politissimum kosmat, 1895, Miria Formation, Late Cretaceous, Giralia Ranges, WA Australia, W:5cm, H:4.5cm, $30

Australioceras jackii, Walsh River, Qld, Cretaceous

Ammonite, Cosmoceras Proniae, Middle Jurassic, Michailov, Russia, 6.5cm x 5.5cm approx., 180

Miria Formation, Late Cretaceous, Giralia Ranges, WA Australia, W:11.5cm, H: 8.5cm, $100

Heteramorph, Walsh River ammonite,
8cm x 6cm, $600

Nautiloid Cimomia tenuicostata Glenister,
Miller and Furnisch (1956), Giralia Ranges, WA, Australia, W:7.5cm, H:6cm, $40

Pachydiscus jacquoti Australis, 11.5cm x 9cm, $100


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