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Glass tektites are found on all continents and are highly varied in their colour, shape and pattern. Glass meteorites are fragments of glass that have entered our atmosphere and have been greatly heated while falling to earth. The scars of the heat are evident on the surfaces of most pieces and some pieces show quite unique patterns or shapes that make them highly sought after by collectors.

Glass meteorites may be from wandering meteorites impacting the atmosphere and some may be from massive volcanic activity from this planet where material was erupted high into the atmosphere, scientists are still trying to unravel the mysteries.

Typical formations on glass meteorites are:

Pitted and jagged faces – formed as the outside harden and the fluid inside forces cracks to open in the crust

Dumbbell – formed by molten glass stretching as it enters the atmosphere

Tear drop – a dumbbell where the 2 halves have separated

Flanged – where one face has melted to form a flange on one face.

Shell – where a large molten mass has hardened on the outside before impact and only the shell fragments are left.

Some of the most famous glass meteorites are Moldovites from Czech Republic, these are a green glass and have very well formed crusts showing patterns.

Another famous form of glass tektite is the Australite. Australites come in a wide range of shapes and generally have a smooth face. The most famous form is the flanged Australite which carries a perfect ring around its circumference similar to Saturn with its rings. This ring is caused by molten glass being forced outwards as the tektite enters the atmosphere.


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