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Meteorites and Tektites


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Iron Meteorites are the second most common of all Meteorites and come in a range of types. The two main kinds are:

  • Nickel Iron: these are formed inside the molten core of an asteroid or moon. Being very heavy these metals are drawn to the centre of a molten mass and eventually solidify. When hardened in zero gravity the metal crystallizes and forms unique octahedrite crystals that can easily bee seen when the face of a meteorite is etched. The term given to this pattern is the Widmanstatten pattern. Another pattern that may occur is the Newman lines which form hexadrite patterns.

  • Silicated Iron Meteorites: these are iron meteorites that also contain Silicates and hence have pockets of iron and silicate bearing minerals making a mosaic. These meteorites are still mostly metal and are quite heavy but not as heavy as nickel-iron meteorites.