hw60_01418 – Old




The new top-of-the-line model of HW

The HW60 is nowadays the strongest chisel of the series HW and substitutes the Type for HW50-x

The weight of punch and precision is comparable by the modified impulse technology with no other device


Technical data

Total length without tube
Weight without tube
Chisel diameter
Blows per minute
Working pressure

Aerial consumption with 0.5 cash

Aerial consumption with 2.5 cash



25 mm
160 mm
320 Grams
3 mm
ca. 7.000
0,5 – 2,5 cash


ca. 18 l/min

ca. 28 l/min

This air pressure chisel was laid out specially for low working pressure and aerial consumption, as well as was explained detachment damping

This is why he is very well useable with small compressors

Feedbacks of different taxidermists and museums confirm, in the meantime, the practise suitability of the HW60



A company more than 2.5 is to be avoided cash absolutely, because ansonst the very low-wear hard metal point can break off by the high tractive powers


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