hw40062 – Old


Ray device largely – HW400


The operational area of the HW400 is intended to the ray of bigger fossils and records
(e.g., wooden maggots)

The development is concluded and every device can be configured for the end user by customer wish (Commutator of foot, ray nozzle 1.0 – 3.0 mm, special departures …)


Abb. Prototyp 5 l


With the high-quality and long-lasting construction special value was laid on service friendliness and the easiest service

The obstructed components are prevailing from high-grade steel, steel, blow-tough plastic, brass, silicone or hard metal

The mixture of air and ray means occurs through the tube in tube technology only in the hand piece and is thereby especially low-wear

Every device can be extended by customer wish, e.g., bigger / smaller kettle, additional tax modules, special filters…

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