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Ray device – HW150


This simply serveable sand emitter has been developed to the Preparation by fossils (e.g., ammonites)

The device is laid out for Chemical pure iron powder in the grain size of mm 0.05 – 0.22

The pressure-checked ray means container exists of high-grade steel resistant to corrosion with a volume of 2.0 l

The illustrated execution contain a prefilter with connected at the outlet side most finely filter, pneumatic disconnection by hand counter (optional Commutator of foot) as well as a Linking of foreign apparatus (e.g., Gun to inhale, air pressure gouge …)

Here the ray nozzle is to be seen good which is available in the size 0.6, 1.0 and 1.8 mm

The " tube in tube " execution allows in length of 1,500 mms without appreciable achievement losses

As an input pressure are required 6-10 cash and the working pressure begins with 0.8 cash

The standard nozzle from hard metal has a diameter 1.0 mms

Technical data

Receiver volume
At the beginning of / working pressure
Ray nozzle standard
Tube length
Ray means



2.0 l
6 – 10 bar / 0.5 bar
1.0 mm
1.500 mm
240 mm/310 mm/500 mm
Chem. Pure iron powder


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