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Australian Fossils

Australian Fossils

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New South Wales


Northern Territory

South Australia



Western Australia


We have the most comprehensive range of Australian Fossils in Australia.

The range will be added to the website over the coming months. Our Mining leases currently include:

  • Gascoyne Jct Western Australia
  • Giralia Range W.A.
  • Madura WA

Currently we are obtaining specimens from:

  • Coober Pedy
  • Lightning Ridge Opal fields
  • Dunedoo
  • Walsh River
  • Mt Isa
  • Christmas Hills Tasmania
  • Hughendon

We have an extensives range of Trilobites , plants ,echinoids, fish , crabs , megafuana , invertebrates , stromatalites ,from all over Australia.


Permian Crinods and starfish Ammonites , echinoids ,Miocene shells Opalised bilvalves , belemnites , gastropods , bones Cretaceous shells bones , pinecones , lungfish teeth etc. 5 locations of Permian glossopterids , seeds , roots etc. Cretaceous Ammonites.

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