Dundas Mining Australia

Dundas Extend is owned and operated by Mike and Elanor Phelan in Zeehan Tasmania.

Dundas was a historical mining locality, mineral field and railway location on the western foothills of the West Coast Range inWestern Tasmania. It is now part of the locality of Zeehan.

The town was located 5 kilometres east of the town of Zeehan, and almost 10 kilometres west of the Mount Read township. TheNorth East Dundas Tram branched off the Emu Bay Railway approximately 3 kilometres north east of the Dundas railway connection.

Mount Dundas Post Office opened on 22 November 1890, was renamed Dundas in 1892 and closed in 1930.[1]

The newspaper the Zeehan and Dundas Herald (1902–1922) was one of the more significant newspapers of the west coast during its operation.

The Adelaide Mine near Dundas was the location of special specimens of Crocoite and other rare minerals. Dundasite is named after Dundas.[2]



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