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Fossils are a special area of interest for us at Crystal World. We have the largest collection of fossils for sale in the Southern Hemisphere. Our team of dedicated preparators are working full time to bring you rare and unique fossils suitable for your display case or Museum.


This Jimbacrinus Bostocki Crinoid plate was from the Cundlego formation Gascoyne Junction Western Australia, was prepared by our team. The amount of time we invest in preparing these fossils means that only a limited quantity is available at any given time.

dinosaur fossil

Crystal World is very active in collecting Australian fossils, but our involvement does not end there;
Tom Kapitany travels internationally, many times each year to consult with Universities and Museums who focus on fossils and their role in Deep Time Geology, another primary interest of the Crystal World Team

Crystals, Gems, Fossils, Meteorites, Minerals, Lapidary Rough for sale.

Crystals for sale

We source crystals directly from miners and work shops globally , traveling frequently to get the best crystals, gems, fossils and meteorites.

crystals tourmaline

Crystals we are digging now can be seen here!

crystals, wholesale, meteorites fossils, lapidary, gems, minerals, crystal

Our own preparation team and facilities where we clean many of the fossils we collect sets us apart from others.

museum quality fossil trilobites
Fossil Crinoid, Jimbacrinus bostockii, Cundlego formation – Permian Carnarvon WA.

Fossils for sale

Deep Time Geology Specialists

Stromatolites for sale

Crystal World has one of the largest collections of Stromatolites from 3.5 bn years old .

In keeping with this interest in deep time geology, we also have a collection of the most ancient terrestrial rocks;

Jack Hills zircon for sale

Acasta  gneiss for sale

Surpisingly, these rocks are only a little older than life itself at 3.8 billion years old.

Lapidary Gem Rough for sale

Mookaite for sale

We mine  Mookaite in Australia, this is great lapidary material, we have hundreds of tons.

wholesale rough mookaite lapidary gems gem miner mine mines mooka springs
Amazing colors of Mookaite from our mines

 Meteorites for sale in our shop

See more about meteorites here.

Mineral Specimens for sale

As miners, we have an extensive range of Australian and  global mineral specimens .

Meteorites, carbonaceous chondrites, pallasites australia, mundrabilla, murchison

Crystal World and Prehistoric Journeys is owned by Tom Kapitany.

Tom Kapitany, the proprietor of Crystal World, is a Geologist and Botanist and employs professional fossil preparators and lapidarists.

Crystal World grew organically – after completing a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Melbourne, majoring in Botany and Geology, Tom went to work with his brothers and set up a rare species plant  nursery called Collectors Corner   .

This nursery specializes in rare Plants such Cacti, Orchids, Bonsai, Carnivorous Plants and Bromeliads.

It was in this shop that he started to deal with Crystals, Fossils, Minerals and Meteorites, eventually Opening Crystal World in 1999.

As well as an interest in Plant Molecular Biology, primarily genetic engineering, Tom loves to travel.

Crystal World is prominent in the field of mining for gems, minerals and fossils and holds over 40 mining tenements and exploration licenses Australia-wide. We mine crystals, quartz, molybdenite, mookaite, amethyst, fossils, tiger iron , Tourmaline, Aquamarine  and other commercial and high grade mineral and fossil specimens.

We also manufacture a wide range of products for the Fossil, Lapidary, Mineral, Meteorite and Museum quality specimens in Australia and overseas. We import fine quality crystals, minerals, gems and fossils from many countries.


We are a major wholesale exporter of minerals, lapidary gems and fossils  with agents and suppliers in many countries. We attend the  larger international mineral and Fossils shows including Tucson, Denver, Changsha and occasionally St Marie aux Mines in France.

We export container loads of rough  Australian minerals from our mining leases to USA , India China South Africa , Germany , Indonesia   where it is  used as Lapidary gems.


Always expect something new when you visit us. Our modern warehouse is stocked to the brim with 100 of tonnes  of specimens from abroad and locally. New shipments arrive weekly and can be anything from a small parcel to a 20 ft sea container. Its all in a days work.

Collections Purchased

In order to continue to expand our  product line, we are constantly searching for new mineral localities. Mining locations generally operate for a few years only and once closed, minerals from these mines can become scarce as new localities will generally offer minerals with variations. For this reason older collections are an excellent source of these once common materials. We are constantly searching for new minerals, if you know of a collection please contact us for an appraisal of its value. We are always  looking to buy Lapidary gems, Meteorites, and Fossils. We are particularly interested in buying older Australian Collections. .

We always strictly operate within the legislative framework of relevant jurisdictions, and maintain close scientific relationships with many Universities and Museums internationally.

slyvite crystals, museum quality minerals, gems, fossils, lapidary, meteorites
Carlsbad, New Mexico USA

Sylvite for sale

black opal gem quality museum specimen, minerals, lapidary, koroit, lightning ridge
Black Opal Mineral Specimen from Mintabie, South Australia
malachite-sphere, gem spheres, mineral spheres, lapidary, fossils, wholesale
Chrysocolla Malachite Sphere from De Grussa mine,  Made by Aradon PTY LTD

Mineral spheres for sale, sizes small to large, many types.

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