Crystal World has a large and diverse Lapidary workshop operating full time. 

We produce everything from giant crystal specimens and polished slabs to gem cabochons and rare fossil specimens here


36 inch diamond saw with autofeed.


We select interesting material to slab and polish for collectors. Here Mick gives some large chunks of Mookaite from our mine in Western Australia a bath prior to preparing it for the large slab saws seen above.


Inspecting slabs before sending to polish on vibra lap.

vibra laps

 Polishing on large vibra laps. Weights speed the process, and rings help to contain the grit for efficient cutting and polishing.


Slabs from our mines


sawing out preforms


 We also make fine gem cabochons for jewellery, this fine Chrysoprase is from Marlborough in Queensland.

gem chrysoprase

 Cutting and polishing on diamond wheels.

chrysoprase cabochon

Finished Chrysoprase cabochon.


A piece of Boulder Opal from Queensland


We ship lapidary gem material internationally for many uses. Below are walls using Mookaite from our mines as an architectural feature


Along with gems and minerals, we also prepare rare fossils

museum trilobite specimen

Jimbacrinus Bostockii crinoid fossil prepared at Crystal World

Mosasaur Fossil

This is just a small slice of our production in March 2016. Enjoy the photos, we hope to see you soon!


Astronomite from Western Australia

mookaite slabs

Mookaite , Petrified wood , Rose Quartz

Mt Hay Agates

Ammonites from Morocco

Iolite , Marramamba Tigers eye , Munjina Stone

Iolite , Marramamba Tigers eye , Munjina Stone

Ammonites , Rhodonite,Pudding stone and rare tree fern

Ammonites , Rhodonite,Pudding stone and rare tree fern

Mookaite and Tiger Iron

Mookaite and Tiger Iron

Peanut Wood

Peanut Wood

Stromatolites , Golden Amphibolite and Marramamba

Stromatolites , Golden Amphibolite and Marramamba

Stromatolites and fossil Wood

Stromatolites and fossil Wood

We have thousands of polished slabs in many diverse mineral and fossil species. Along with a diverse and colourful range of minerals and lapidary gems, we are specialists in Deep Time Geology. We maintain a large range of the most ancient rocksStromatolites from the dawn of life, and stromatolitic stones, formed by biological processes of single cell organisms. While these items are of great interest to science, they are often attractive specimens in their own right. Our product range runs from giant crystals to gem cabochons

From large to small, we do it all.

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