Mount Kare Mining and Travel

Having visited Port Moresby I quickly learnt that it was a rough and dangerous place. I made a few enquires regarding obtaining gold. the more I learnt the more I realised that while I like to travel to rough and dangerous places, Mt. Kare was very unsafe. Unless I was prepared to carry a gun and have bodyguards, it was not a place for me to go. Hence these photos were taken by an associated who managed to have regular access to the area as a Medic. While the deposit is very rich there is a lot of tribal fighting and disputes over the mine area . One incident can be seen below in the photos. I have not shown the worst photos of the dead mutilated bodies.

Much of the gold from the area is crystalline, superb specimens displaying wires and leaves and flattened crystals can be found. The largest and beat specimens were found in the 1980’s, most specimens now are less than 30 grams.

All Western mining companies have left the area as it is considered enviable due to the dangers impose on mining crews from the locals. Yet a rich source of gold lies just beneath the soils of Mt Kare with the potential to produce wonderful specimens.

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