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Active Mining Projects — Crystal World Australia

Australian Mining and Travel

The following links will lead to a number of mining locations and places of interest in Australia. For commercial reasons most of our locations are kept secret.

International Mining and Travel

To access our range at affordable prices we must travel to all corners of the planet and visit some of the roughest and most primitive places on earth, through these pages we will bring you some of our travels.

Ba Ba Si Hunan China, Calcite
Brazil Rio Grade De Sul Brazil, Amethyst
Hunan Province China, Stibinite
• Mt Kare New Guinea, Gold
• Pakistan, Aquamarine
• Delta Utah USA, Trilobite
• India, Zeolites
• France, St Marie aux Mines Gem Show
• Tucson, Arizona Gem Show
• Green River Wyoming, USA fossil fish quarry
• Norway
• Melody In Ethoipia
• Dinosaur Egg smuggling
• Chalcoscite Telfer Gold Mine
• Gascoyne Junction trip 2006
Morocco fossils
• The Gallerium Perth
• Federal Police Raids in Australia
• Canada – Acasta Gneiss (2010*)