Param Bhinder

Dravite Tourmaline – Yinnietharra Station

Yinnietharra, Upper Gascoyne Shire, Western Australia. Tourmaline is the name given to a large group of boron silicate minerals that share a common prismatic crystal structure and similar physical properties. This crystalline boron silicate mineral can be found compounded with elements such as aluminium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and lithium.  Dravite tourmaline has a composition of …

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NAME: Jimbacrinus Bostocki LOCALITY:  Cundlego Formation, Gasgoyne Junction, Jimba Jimba Station, Carnarvon, Western Australia.  AGE: PERMIAN The Jimbacrinus bostocki is a crinoid. Crinoids are marine animals (not plants), with this particular species inhabiting the deep-sea seafloor. As the crinoids belong to the Echinoderm phylum, it is related to starfish, brittle stars and sea urchins. Crinoids …


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