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Amethyst Facts

Amethyst Facts Amethyst is a variety of quartz, or silicon dioxide (SiO2). It is identified by its striking purple shade, ranging from the palest lilac with hints of pink to the deepest shades of violet and indigo.  Amethyst gets its colour from trace amounts of irradiated iron. This radiation emanates from within the earth, and …

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Minerals from our mines make great specimens.  We mine  quality specimen minerals as the primary purpose at more than 35 locations throughout Australia. Our minerals are not salvage from metal mines, we target the best locations for cabinet specimens. Crystal world counts mineral collectors, students, universities and museums in our client base. Visit the Crystal World …

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Meteorites for sale Australia and around the World Serious collectors and beginners alike can  benefit from our activities in the field. Crystal World buys and sells meteorites wherever they fall. Crystal World is careful to rigorously comply with legislation regarding the trade in meteorites in all jusrisdictions. The arid and eroded landscapes of central Australia …

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Zebra Stone

Zebra Stone is mined by Crystal World . Zebra stone for sale Have a look at our mining operations here. Tom Kapitany at the mine. Zebra rock is a siltstone, rather than a mineral specimen, although the difference may be lost on many collectors. It is arguably the most commonly collected rock related material from Western …

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Mookaite Lapidary Gems

 Mookaite for sale Mookaite is a silicified porcellanite or Jasper formed in the sedimentary environment of the ocean floor. Siliceous ooze is a siliceous pelagic sediment that covers large areas of the deep ocean floor. Siliceous oozes consist predominantly of the remains of microscopic sea creatures, mostly those of diatoms and radiolarians. The silica material from which it is derived comes from …

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