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Glossoptera Leaves, NSW

Glossoptera Leaves, NSW Glossopteris was a woody, seed-bearing shrub or tree, some apparently reaching 30 metres (98 ft) tall. They had a softwood interior that resembles conifers of the family Araucariaceae.[24] Seeds were borne on one side of variably branched or fused structures,[25][26][27][28][29][30] and microsporangia containing pollen were borne in clusters at the tips of slender filaments.[31] Both the seed- and pollen-bearing organs were partially …

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Gascoyne Junction, WA

Gascoyne Juntion Is located approximately 150 Kms inland from Carnarvon Western Australia. The Cudelgo Formation is approximately 280 millions years old and contains a unique fossiferous marine fauna. Exposed for about 10 Kms along the Gascoyne River, the deposit extends 1 km to the south, dipping gently to the north, burying itself under the shifting …

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