The Story of Rosie the Shark


Rosie the shark first came to the spotlight back in 1997 when her hunger for some tuna found her trapped in the Lukin family’s tuna fishing nets in South Australia.

She was so caught up in the nets that there was no way to free her safely. With no other option, the fishermen had to humanely kill her.

Wildlife Wonderland took interest in the shark and decided to purchase it off the Lukin family, but as they were transporting Rosie to her new home in Bass, Victoria, she was intercepted by the government of South Australia from a report of a missing person off the coast of South Australia.


After an autopsy showed no human remains, she was released to her new home at Wildlife Wonderland.

Rosie the shark was on display at Wildlife Wonderland up until 2012.

In 2012, Wildlife Wonderland was forced to close business and surrender all animals to RSPCA and the DSEV, leaving Rosie the shark alone as the wildlife park decayed.

Years of vandalism and destruction to the park saw the derelict park rotting away. People had opened the top of Rosie’s tank and thrown various objects inside, including a TV…


Tom Kapitany took ownership of Rosie in 2019, requiring a huge taskforce to dispose of the contaminated and carcinogenic Formaldehyde before she could be moved safely.

With a major group effort from the current land owner and Membreys crane hire, Rosie the Shark was lifted out of the abandoned wildlife park and on her way to her new home at Crystal World.

Rosie is now at her forever home at Crystal World Exhibition Centre, where she is being restored and soon on permanent display as works are underway to expand the building, making room for the Rosie the Shark exhibition area.

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